The onTrac Property Management Difference

If you don't want to be just another "door" in a property management portfolio, we are your choice for property managers and rentals in Uxbridge, Durham and Toronto. At onTrac Property Management, our manager portfolio is a fraction of the industry standard. We understand that your rental property is a very personal and valuable investment for you, and our goal is to manage that investment as if it was our own. We can offer that personalized attention you want, need, and deserve!

We Create Value

Happy tenants equal valuable tenants. At onTrac, our property managers understand the key to creating value in your rental property investment is finding and keeping great tenants.

With our property management knowledge and experience, we ensure a perfect tenant/property fit right from the start.

This, combined with proactive property maintenance and prompt response to tenant requests, is guaranteed to keep tenant turnover to an absolute minimum.

We Save You Money

Our team at onTrac Property Management, our property managers have extensive management experience, which we bring to each partnership.

We understand the importance of keeping every project on time and on budget, so you can be sure your investment will remain profitable with us on your team.

Ensuring each relationship and service arrangement is designed to suit the individual needs of each client is our priority and balancing the needs of quality and value within the constraints of time and cost, is our promise.

Choose onTrac Property Management

Strategic financial analysis.

onTrac property managers will look at your specific market area to determine the most competitive rent to charge. During this process, we also work with you to establish your building’s budget and cash-flow projections based on your projected income.

Strategic property marketing and thorough tenant screening.

We will market through our own website, kijiji, and other real-estate tools, such as, as required. Each prospect is interviewed personally and required to fill a detailed application. Top applicants will have background checks done to confirm work income & stability, good rental history, and good credit rating.

Competitive client rates and services.

Our fees are very competitive and are geared to the property’s income and number of units. Fees will be charged based upon a % of actual income earned. If the unit is vacant, or income collected is reduced, fees will be reduced accordingly. Please contact us for a quote and to learn about our services

No hidden fees.

All added fees to tenants, such as NSF charges, parking, laundry, etc, are included in the building’s rental income. Therefore, our property management fees will also be increased accordingly. There are no added charges unless there is a request for added services. For example, maintenance work completed by onTrac. Contact us for more information on services you require.

Customized financial reporting for every client.

We will customize communications and services based upon your needs. Our standard is monthly financial reports with status update on issues and maintenance work completed.

Simple and efficient financial management.

All rents go into a separate building account in trust under your name. We pay all expenses out of this account and then remit an agreed upon remainder to your own bank account. Typically this is done through a bank transfer on the 15th of the month. Our tenants have the option of paying rent by cheque, e-transfer, or through online bill payment banking.

Organized & systematic maintenance workflow.

We log and track all maintenance work as work-orders and will gear our approval limits based upon your preferences. All jobs over $10,000 will have multiple bids.We complete bi-annual inspections of our properties. We typically inspect twice a year and generally align to battery replacement of smoke alarms.

Proactive tenant management.

Our policy is to stop bad habits before they start. New tenants are watched closely at the start, with frequent visits, and zero tolerance for missed payments and disrepect for the property. We follow the guidelines of the Landlord Tenant Act to deal with all Tenant issues and challenges.

Efficient & highly effective turnover management.

We will provide an inspection at least 1 month prior to the tenant leaving and put together a list of work-orders required to make it rentable again. Any damages above normal wear & tear, and determined to be the tenant’s responsibility, will be addressed with the tenant and, if not resolved to our satisfaction, appropriate measures will be taken through the LTB.

Straightforward cancellation policy.

We will help work with you to ensure you follow LTA guidelines when selling or moving back into your rental property. Our standard Property Management Agreement is for a 3 months term and month-to-month thereafter. Either party has the ability to terminate the agreement upon 30 days written notice. No additional charges apply.

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